Things You Need to Know:

Here at Evelyn & Wild, we take the upmost pride in the quality of products, which are all carefully hand crafted and poured with love. Sometimes, as is the nature with hand-made goods, the occasional product may fall slightly short of the extremely high standards we set ourselves and may therefore not pass our quality control checks. This page lists those products, enabling you to purchase them at a heavily discounted rate. This supports a reduction in wastage whilst allowing you to enjoy the benefits of our wax melts, candles and other products although they may fall slightly short of the perfectionist standards we set for ourselves.


Reasons for products being discounted may includes: 

  • Wax may not set completely flat or displays frosting due to hot weather. 

  •  Trial products

  •  Glitter sinks too far below the surface of the product.

  • Does not meet our high standards for aesthetic appeal I.e. there is a small smudge on the product or the glitter is not evenly spread.

  • Scent of product is not at the desired level.